1. Yay High

From the recording Catfish and Moonshine

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Song Writer Richard Kitchens


Grown out on the edge of a cornfield hid deep in the pines where cold water runs down from the mountain, it makes my plants grow Yay High , Fell in love with the Farmers daughter her daddy told me reach for the sky , fast forward one year later apple of his eye first gran growing Yay High
Chorus Thats how we do it out here in the country Where hunting and fishing is a way of life,
The Lord Giveth from his bounty of Catfish and Moonshine
2nd Verse; Living out on the end of a dirt road , Pappys old still in the barn behind
sugar shine and corn whisky , Blackberry graham cracker any flavor get you Yay High
Saving boxes since my last birthday , gonna stack um all up to the sky, Bond fire on my back fourty , close friends good vibes flames reaching Yay High